South Africa – Mossel Bay (Mosselbaai) – The Nursery of the Great White Sharks

Great White Shark biting the tuna heads used to attract sharks on the surface at Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is another location we absolutely recommend if you are addicted to sharks and want to spend time with the beautiful Great White Sharks.

The other South Africa spot we recommend for White Sharks is False Bay in Simon’s Town. You can read the full blog post about main attractions in Simon’s Town, the breaching white sharks and the African Penguins in by following this link.

Mossel Bay is always located at the very south of South Africa and it is one of the possible stops of the Garden Route. Funnily enough, it is (almost) exactly at the same latitude as Simon’s Town / False Bay. However, Mossel Bay lays on the Indian Ocean rather than the Atlantic.

We had a thrilling time in Mossel Bay and this is what we will share with you:

Before reading further, please check out the map of the key attractions and places we visited in Mossel Bay, in case you wish to build a similar itinerary.

As alway, please also remember to check our Google Maps list titled Mossel Bay Random Odyssey Best available at this link and check for Gianmarco Cicuzza reviews.

If you want to discover the full itinerary we took during our South Africa journey please follow the link to this blog post.

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Top Experiences in Mossel Bay

In full transparency, Mossel Bay is a relatively boring place from a pure and traditional touristic perspective. Basically, if you go there because you are in search of monuments and other landmark attractions then i believe there are better places to visit in this world.

However, if you are in search of adrenaline boost and if you want to reconcile yourself with nature and sea – then you are definitively in the right spot.

These are what we consider the Top Experiences in Mossel Bay:

The nursery of great white sharks

One of the main reasons why you should visit Mossel Bay is surely if you are in the search of great white sharks.

In fact, there is a Seal Island also in Mossel Bay.

Nice crowd of Cape Fur Seals enjoying the sun on Seal Island in Mossel Bay

However, this is much smaller in size than the one located in False Bay and it definitively hosts less than the stunning 70.000 cape fur seals of False Bay Seal Island (if interested about the False Bay Seal Island you can read more at this post).

Despite the size and the relatively smaller number of seals living on the island at Mossel Bay, this rock in the sea always attract the sea apex predator – the great white shark.

Mossel Bay Seal Island, though, is much closer to the shore and more in the “shallow” water vs. the Seal Island in False Bay. For this reason, it attracts generally younger and smaller sharks vs. False Bay. To be clear, smaller sharks always means sharks between 2.5m and 6m long.

The reason why Mossel Bay Seal Island is patrolled by this juvenile great white sharks is because the shallower water is not very comfortable for bigger white sharks as they cannot swim very well at their full potential in the shallow water.

For reference – in False Bay – it is not unusual to enjoy great white sharks which could also be 8m or 10m long – essentially as long as a school bus.

The younger sharks use Mossel Bay Seal Island as a playground to hunt and to learn the key techniques of survival. At the same time they are also very active – like every kid is – and they are easily attracted by the noise of boats passing by or standing by see them underneath the surface.

In a nutshell, going for great white shark exploration and shark diving in Mossel Bay is a lot of fun. It is a real boost of adrenaline with a lot of action because it does not take a lot – once the boat is on anchor – to be fully sorrounded by very excited white sharks. This makes it the perfect conditions for observation.

If you want to know which operator we recommend to go for Shark Exploration at Mossel Bay please check here.

Check our pictures from Mossel Bay at this link.

In the meantime enjoy our GoPro video of one of the many moments we enjoyed while cage diving with sharks in Mossel Bay – Video by Marina:

Visit Mossel Bay

As said, there is not a lot to do and see in Mossel Bay in the strict touristic sense.

However, there is a place we definitively recommend you visiting. This is the Cape Saint Blaze Lighthouse Complex.

This is actually the lighthouse of Cape Saint Blaze in the southern part of Mossel Bay.

The peculiar thing is that this lighthouse is located on a rocky mountain and it is reachable by walking by a very nice hiking path straight on the coast line. No need to say that the view from the path is more than oustanding and you will have the feeling to be almost suspended on the ocean.

The hike itself is very easy and it is very gentle and adequate to all level of physical strength.

At the very beginning of the path, you can also sneak into the Saint Blaze Cave.

One of the most beautiful things to do at the Lighthouse Complex is definitively to take pictures. I have been enjoying breath taking sunset from the cliffs just opposite to the lighthouse and if you have ND filters you can also play with waves crashing on the cliffs for some artistic effects.

During your visit to the lighthouse you may want to keep an eye on the horizon and more generally at sea. It is not infrequent to see whales, dolphins and other wonderful sea life passing by.

Point Road to Point Village – sunset stroll

Another attraction at Mossel Bay is Point Road. This is the road linking Point Village (Beach) to Cape Saint Blaze.

It is not very long but it is entirely on the sea.

At sunset this is very beautiful and it represents another great photo opportunity especially if you walk by the white beach at Point Village.

In here you can enjoy the view of outstanding villas but also stunning sunsets.

Once again, do not forget to keep your sight on the horizon and the ocean because dolphins and whales can come very close.

On this same stretch it is also possible to enjoy the locals surfing the waves – which could be another nice photo opportunity.

Postcards from Mossel Bay

Please enjoy this gallery with our best shots from Mossel Bay.

Random Odyssey Recommends – organize your trip

Here is what you may want to consider when planning your trip to Simon’s Town.

Please remember to book your experiences well ahead of time because they go fully booked very easily.

Planning your trip

When you plan your trip to South Africa there is not a lot you need to be aware of. There are no vaccinations specifically mandated and it is generally not a very dangerous country.

The only remarkable thing to remember is the fact that they are on the south hemisphere of the world – as such the seasons are different vs. those in the northern hemisphere of the planet. So if you plan to go in the European Summer you need to be aware that this is the South African winter. As such get organized with clothing. In any case the weather can be gorgeous also if it is officially winter time and you may have very warm temperatures. The ocean water is quite chilly instead.

Traveling with kids

This trip is particularly indicated also for kids. I would recommend traveling with kids older than 7 years old of age and with a good spirit of adaptation to the relatively rough conditions that can be found at sea sometimes. However, there are so many amazing experiences for them to live that it would just be a waste if they could not enjoy all this. By the way, if they can swim and are able to do some minimal snorkeling they can also cage dive with shark. And you can imagine how impressive it is for them to see such huge apex predators in their environment.

Choosing your SHARK operator


White Shark Africa is the best operator in Mossel Bay to go for shark exploration and shark cage.

White Shark Africa is the best operator to go for some shark action at Mossel Bay Seal Island. They have a very comfortable boat and they are also very professional. The extremely nice element of this company is about all the real knowledge they have about marine environment and more specifically white sharks. It is not uncommon to have couple of marine biologist on the trips on the boat who will be very happy to explain better the shark behavior. The whole experience is also very nice because the staff of White Shark Africa also records GoPro videos while you are in the water and then they sell it to you for few dollars. This is only in case you do not have your own camera which you can clearly bring with you. Very friendly staff and very well organized, their shop is just few steps away from the dock where the boat is anchored. Definitively super recommended crew for searching for sharks.

White Shark Africa is available on the web at this link if you look for bookings or more information.

Where to sleep


Unfortunately, we highly discourage you to choose this hotel because despite the wonderful location it is absolutely not having the required level of maintenance.

The hotel position is admirable. It is just on the cliff overlooking the ocean. From the room you can watch whales and dolfins breaching while swimming. The rooms are generally ok quite spacious and with comfortable beds. The cleaningness of the rooms is more of a question mark. The hotel is just not finished. In many corridors the tiles were missing, the main reception had holes in the walls and the ceiling was not finished yet. Hence it seems like living in a place which is undergoing renovation but no one is working on it. The staff is also not perfect, their work processes are not enabling the team to provide the best service and very often the info provided are confusing and not clear. In general they are also quite rude. Also, the breakfast was not very inviting and quite disorganized. Overall not recommended.

If you are looking for a nice place to sleep we actually recommend you to go at PORTEA HOTEL by MARRIOT MOSSEL BAY. This hotel is located just opposite side of the street from White Shark Africa. It probably enjoys a less stunning view than THE POINT hotel but it is super brand new and only slightly more expensive than his not-so-nice-looking friend.

We unfortunately found out only once in Mossel Bay about this very valid alternative.

Please also follow the link to the Google Maps list Mossel Bay Random Odyssey Best where you can find more detailed reviews about the places we visited. Once you access the list please always look for Gianmarco Cicuzza reviews. Let us know in case of questions!

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