Top 3 Pizza Restaurant in Frankfurt am Main – Germany

I must admit that I am not one of those italians who looks for italian and pizza restaurants wherever he goes.

Actually, I am rather the opposite.

When I discover new places I also want to discover new food. Specifically, as much as possible, I want to taste local food because that can tell a lot about the history and the culture of the country or city.

However, an italian can do almost everything but cannot stay away from pizza for very long time :-). I think there must be scientific researches out there confirming this.

This is why, while living in Frankfurt for the past 3 years, I started tasting the various italian pizzeria in the city to find my new reference point for pizza when I need to go back to my origins for half an hour or so.

Please find here the TOP 3 PIZZA RESTAURANTS in Frankfurt Am Main (Germany) according to the indisputable taste of Random Odyssey.

To be clear, all of the pizza restaurants on the podium are restaurants we strongly recommend. The fight for the first place was very close and tight and we really selected the pizzeria we like the most and where we believe the Italian tradition is most respected.

As always, before reading further, we post our google map to show where the three winners are. They are basically all located very close to Zeil high street shopping venue.

In addition, please also check our Google Maps list titled “Frankfurt Top Pizzeria by Random Odyssey” where you can read our Google Maps reviews for the three winners.

And the Winner Is….

  1. Super Bro’s
  2. Ciro Il Lattaio
  3. Papanova

Super Bro’s

Super Bro’s is a snapshot of Italy downtown Frankfurt and it is by far our favorite choice when we want to go for a very good and authentic italian pizza in an informal and joyful environment.

THE PIZZA: Super Bro’s pizza is super authentic and if you would close your eyes while eating it you could really think you are in one of Naples corners. It is made according to tradition with great quality italian ingredients. Baked in a wooden oven, it is a pure joy for pizza lovers. One of the absolute big pluses of this pizza is the extremely easiness of digestion – absolutely not common not even in Pizza restaurants in Italy main land.

THE MENU: Super Bro’s menu is not very elaborated…actually it is very basic. They only do 20 different pizzas – all coming from the tradition – and they are all extremely good. Actually, you can see the menu by checking one of the pictures about the restaurant below. Their menu is simply on the wall :-).

THE RESTAURANT: This is probably were Super Bro’s is breaking through. The place itself it is more of a Pizza Bar than a Pizza Restaurant. The restaurant is also not very big and there is no possibility to book a table. So it is all based on first come first serve basis. When you enter, the first thing you need to do is to go to the counter to order your pizza and your drinks. You have to pay cash and then you need to wait 10/15 minutes for your pizza to be ready. In the meantime you can a have a drink or start looking for the first table which frees up. Also, there are no “real” waiters in the restaurant but only a good bunch of guys (most of whom italians) who help distributing the pizza around when ready. During spring and summer, the capacity of the restaurant increases with the addition of few tables on the outside which is also very cool. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very joyful also thanks to the nice music coming out of the speakers.

EXTRA TIP: Do not forget to try Nutella Pizza…delicious!!

EXTRA TIP 2: next door to Super Bro’s you can also find a very nice German Brewery – BrauStil. If you want, you can have your pizza at Super Bro’s and then go eating it at BrauStil while enjoying one of their beers.

THE ADDRESS: Oeder Weg 55-57, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

Ciro Il Lattaio

Ciro Il Lattaio is another great restaurant when it comes to Pizza in Frankfurt. Also in this case there are many reasons to feel at home and to really enjoy the true Italian tradition for Pizza. They actually have two restaurants in Frankfurt. The quality is the same in both of them but we definitively prefer going to the one located in Stephanstrasse because the restaurant is a little bit more modern and spacious.

THE PIZZA: Ciro Il Lattaio’s pizza is also very authentic. However, to be very sophisticated, you need to know that they are specialized in Pinsa. Pinsa is a variation of Pizza. It is essentially still made of Pizza dough but it is slightly closer to the roman tradition of pizza rather than the naples one. Pinsa is also very soft and very tasty and it is normally served not in perfectly rounded shapes but its shape is more of an oval (always according to tradition). The ingredients are also very fresh and very high quality. This is clearly also cooked in wooden oven.

THE MENU: Ciro Il Lattaio has a slightly broader menu. On top of Pinsa – which they make in few variants (some more classical and others a little bit more experimental but still in line with tradition), they also serve other dishes like pasta, meat, salads and wonderful desserts. But this is not what we recommend you to have here if you are on diet :-). All Pinsa are very good indeed and worth trying!

THE RESTAURANT: Ciro Il Lattaio (at Stephanstrasse) is a very nice and modern restuarant. The restaurant itself is not huge and we do recommend to book a table upfront. Going there without booking is typically not impossible but it just means you need to wait for a while before being seated. The restaurant is decorated with modern style which also makes it quite “poshy” and cool. Despite that, the ambience still remains pretty much down to earth and familiar. Due to the walls in concrete, the restaurant can be quite noisy at peak hours but this just makes the atmosphere more lively and possibly enjoyable. The waiters are very friendly and professional and the service is typically well paced so waiting time is within average.

EXTRA TIP: If you do not want to go for the evergreen Margherita but want to experience something new, you may want to order Pizza Marcantonio which is served with a wonderful and entire buffalo mozzarella on the top.

EXTRA TIP 2: Especially for the super-angry ones, have a go with the “Stella di Ciro” which is officially an appetizer but it can actually feed a table of four :-). It is a pizza star-shaped (stella) on which a lot of charcuterie, buffalo mozzarella and other amazing typical italian food is served.

THE ADDRESS: Stephanstraße 13, 60313 Frankfurt am Main


Papanova is a very solid and tasty traditional Pizza restaurant in Frankfurt. To same extent it is probably even too traditional. This is why, despite being among the best, we just could not score it any better than 3rd place in our Random Odyssey ranking.

THE PIZZA: Papanova Pizza is also very traditional. It is very soft and fluffy with very well chosen ingredients. They also have a wooden oven and they have not compromised in Italian authenticity to please German customers.

THE MENU: Papanova menu is also quite broad. On top of pizza they do serve other dishes. In terms of pizza they also have a fairly wide selection however always offering pizza which you could typically find in an Italian pizzeria. The ingredients are always presented by respecting the tradition.

THE RESTAURANT: Papanova is surely a nice restaurant. Probably furniture are no more super brand new but this adds to the place a kind of exotic touch. The restaurant itself is not very big, which contributes at making it quite intimate and very much suitable both for a romantic dinner as well as a friendly outgoing. Whatever is the reason for having a dinner at Papanova please bear in mind to book way much in advance if you want a chance to have a table. The staff is also very friendly and caring. During spring/summer time, Papanova also offers a nice dehors with table and chairs privately arranged in a small front garden. Apart from being quite nice, this also increases restaurant capacity hence it increases your chances to find a table.

EXTRA TIP: in case you really want to customize the toppings of your pizza, do not hesitate to ask the waiters. They will be able to make it possible for you…on top of letting you kindly understand if what you really want to eat makes sense or not based on Italian tradition.

Please note the pictures about Papanova in this article are kindly taken by Google Maps because I lost the ones I took upon a phone change :-(! I am thankful to the users shown on the top right corner of the pictures! As I will be back enjoying a Pizza at Papanova I will take new pictures and update this post!

THE ADDRESS: Eckenheimer Landstraße 130, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

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