About us

This is us staring at incredible landscape in South Africa – from our lodge!

Let’s get this straight since the very beginning: we are NOT professional travelers and we are NOT professional photographers(yet!).

This does NOT mean that we do not travel seriously nor that we do not take photography very seriously. It only means that our living is currently made by other sources and… YES! we do have a regular pretty-rewarding-day-office-job.

So, if we have not lost you so far, you may want to continue reading some more about us on :

  • why we (finally) decided to give a better shape to my random odyssey while crossing this planet 
  • why we want share my travelling tips/experiences with you –
  • what motivates us to travel –
  • what we like and like doing with photography –
  • and more…
If you want to be in touch with us, ask any question or know more about our adventures, please feel free to send an email at info.randomodyssey@gmail.com or use our social media channels.

Gianmarco and the crew!

Let me fully introduce myself and the rest of my travel crew.

My name is Gianmarco and I am Italian by origin but living the world by choice. I grew up in Italy but always enjoyed travelling to discover new places, new cultures, living incredible experiences and above all cultivating memories of my trips through pictures.

I lived in 3 different countries so far (Italy, Switzerland and Germany) and I clearly want to keep moving around.

I married to one of the most beautiful creatures on earth – Marina. She completely shares my love for travelling and discovering new places. Since the day we met, we visited together a lot of different countries and experienced many different places – connecting travels to unforgettable experiences.

She will be co-authoring and co-editing Random Odyssey. Yeah!

The family has also grown when Federico and Flavio successfully made it to the world and they immediately became part of the travel crew. I still remember Federico being only 18 months and flying with us on a live abroad diving trip to Maldives…of course he did not scuba dive at that time but that tells….I am sure you will now more about them along the Odyssey.

For the four of us travelling is normally exceptional!

We cover quite a wide range of travel types. We mostly travel on week-ends (many week-ends per year). We undertake longer trips in more exotic destination across the 5 continents one or two times per year. We constantly explore the area in which we live (as expats) – there are normally a lot of attractions around us that are never brought to public attention as they are simply given for granted. We also often travel the same destinations since many years and multiple times a year and can consider ourselves very expert on those. We do not like much to travel on extreme budget :-)!


Travelling is probably our current most-serious-semi-professional occupation together with photography.

Travelling and Photography are the yin and the yang of our life. One could not exist without the other.

My wife and I invest quite significant amount of resources into these two very important pillars of our life. Besides our family, these are our energy boosters and the key motivators of our existence.

We got to a point where we felt we could not have kept both Travelling and Photography in a hidden drawer of our life any longer. Grasping all our courage, we are finally taking a leap and test ourselves on a different level.


…We want to share the wonders of the world seen through our eyes and the lenses of the cameras.

…We can share what inspires us to travel and what we learn by travelling

…We can shape our love for nature and wild animals

…We can record our adventures and experiences as we randomly cross the planet

…We can share our pictures, Gianmarco’s photo tips, equipment reviews and the geo coordinates of our preferred photo spots around the world

In addition, we like to dream BIG. We are fiercely convinced that one can transform a strong passions into something even more professional. We do not want to limit ourselves or restrict ourselves into defined categories. We absolutely do not accept stereotypes and believe that by dreaming big and playing hard a lot is possible to us.

RANDOM ODYSSEY is a DREAM making its way into REALITY!


Navigating through Random Odysseys is pretty easy (we hope) 🙂

In the BLOG page you will find all the Random Odysseys displayed in reverse chronological order – basically from most recent to older.

If you want to browse our Odysseys by geography, you may want to click on ODYSSEYS drop down menu. This will let you access the continents to which the Odysseys refer to and you can choose the continent you are interested into and then find the articles.

Some of our Odysseys will be based on week-end trips. You can eventually browse those in the ODYSSEYS menu by choosing directly the 48 HRS ODYSSEYS. These are intended to be “mini-travel-guides” after our long week-ends.

RANDOM ODYSSEY PHOTOFOLIO includes a selection of some of our best pictures taken during our photo trips around the world.

Do not forget that on the right side bar you will also find the full map of the ODYSSEY CATEGORIES which will allow you to search and filter the Odysseys according to their key categorization.

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